133 pages

Italian language

Published Dec. 5, 2014

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4 stars (3 reviews)

Ties is the story of a marriage. Like many marriages, this one has been subject to strain, to attrition, to the burden of routine. Yet it has survived intact. Or so things appear. The rupture in Vanda and Aldo's marriage lies years in the past, but if one looks closely enough, the fissures and fault lines are evident. Their marriage is a cracked vase that may shatter at the slightest touch. Or perhaps it has already shattered, and nobody is willing to acknowledge the fact.

4 editions

I rapporti e le loro grandi crisi

4 stars

Un breve racconto abbastanza crudo di una crisi matrimoniale vista dai 3 punti di vista degli interessati ,la moglie ,il marito ,i figli . Mi ha infastidito abbastanza l'autore รจ molto bravo a mettere nero su bianco le percezioni dei vari protagonisti che sono tragicamente molto vere e comuni . Scrittura scorrevole si legge velocemente .

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4 stars