SQ cong ni de ming zi kai shi =

SQ begin w/your name!


121 pages

Chinese language

Published Aug. 18, 2016 by Zhejiang ren min mei shu chu ban she.

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3 stars (1 review)

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3 stars

I have kind of a problem with a lot of manga series I randomly pick up and read.

At first I think their essential design is awesome and so unlike all the popular manga I've read, few lines, few colours, absence of background...
Then after a bunch of episodes I begin to notice that the comic is becoming more complex and detailed. BUT I LIKED IT THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE.

Man... I've come to the conclusion that when they have a little success and they also gain a studio with slave-artists that do the job of the author, it's time to drop the series. I'm so hipster that I read only the first few issues and then I toss the comic off the window


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