Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus

an Adult Romance Novel Harriet Porber #1

158 pages

English language

Published Nov. 29, 2020 by Independently Published.


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4 stars (1 review)

Trans wizard Harriet Porber is a master spellsmith who's found herself in a bit of a pickle. After finishing wizard college, Harriet made a name for herself by creating a hit viral spell, but has since failed to craft a follow up. Now Harriet’s agent, Minerma, is breathing down her neck, suggesting that Harriet take a trip to an island off the coast of England for inspiration.

Hoping for some peace and quiet to clear her head, Harriet Porber arrives to find that her new neighbor, an angsty bard named Snabe from the band Seven Inch Nails, is already there making a racket. This parasaurolophus spellcaster is a bad boy through and through, and with his incredible powers of metamagic, Snabe reveals that this layer of reality is much more than it seems. Could Harriet and Snabe really be characters in a parody romance novel?

Soon enough, these two are …

1 edition

Ottimo romance fantasy in salsa di meta(l).

4 stars

Una maga in crisi di creatività da due settiman-ehm, da tre anni. Un bardo specializzato in metamagia anche lui in crisi di creatività. Due motociclette inaffidabili e che bevono decisamente troppo. Una località turistica fuori stagione. E una MAGNIFICA critica metanarrativa ai cliché dei romance tossici.

Un romanzo così divertente da farmi decidere senza ombra di dubbio a comprare anche il seguito, e così avvincente da farmi preoccupare ben quattro volte per la prtagonista, con tutto che LO SAPEVO che essendo un romance sarebbe finito bene.