L'occhio del Golem

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L'occhio del Golem (Italian language, 2005)

553 pages

Italian language

Published Nov. 18, 2005

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The Golem's Eye is a children's novel of alternate history, fantasy and magic. It is the second book in the Bartimaeus trilogy written by British author Jonathan Stroud. 6 million copies have been sold in 36 countries. It was a New York Times best-seller in 2004.The book and series are about the power struggles in a magical dystopia centered in London, England featuring a mixture of modern and ancient, secular and mythological themes. The series has been described as a darker, more political and morally complex version of Harry Potter. The book takes its name from the cyclops-like eye of the golem, a magical artifact that, along with an animating parchment, activates the golem.

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