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Hackers (Paperback, 1994, Penguin Books)

Paperback, 455 pages

English language

Published Aug. 13, 1994 by Penguin Books.

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Today, technology is cool. Owning the most powerful computer, the latest high-tech gadget, and the whizziest website is a status symbol on a par with having a flashy car or a designer suit. And a media obsessed with the digital explosion has reappropriated the term "computer nerd" so that it's practically synonymous with "entrepreneur." Yet, a mere fifteen years ago, wireheads hooked on tweaking endless lines of code were seen as marginal weirdos, outsiders whose world would never resonate with the mainstream. That was before one pioneering work documented the underground computer revolution that was about to change our world forever.

With groundbreaking profiles of Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club, and more, Steven Levy's Hackers brilliantly captures a seminal moment when the risk takers and explorers were poised to conquer twentieth-century America's last great frontier. And in the Internet age, "the hacker ethic" -- first espoused …

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5 stars

I loved this book. It introduced me to hackerism and opensource ethics. I read it years ago, and re-read it this year. It made me want to hack something. It explores the romance of late nights, bathed in the cold glow of monitor, surrounded by the clacking of keyboards.

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5 stars


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