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Дино Буццати, Д Буццати, ディーノ ブッツァーティ, and 32 others Ντίνο Μπουτζάτι, Dino Buccati, 迪诺·布扎蒂, Dino Buzzati- Traverso, Dino Bucati, Dīno Buttuāti, دينو بوزاتي, Dīnū Būzātī, Дына Буцаці, Діно Буццаті, დინო ბუცატი, دينو بوتزاتي،, דינו בוצאטי, Dino Butsati, Bucati, Дино Буцати, 迪诺布扎蒂, Дзіна Буцаці, Dino Buzzati-Traverso, Дино Будзати, Dino Buxati, Буццати, Dino Buzzati, Buzzati Traverso, Dīnū Būtsādī, דינו בוצטי, ディーノ・ブッツァーティ, Buzzati, Dino Budzati, دینو بوتزاتی, དི་ནོ་བུ་ཟ་ཏི།, Dino Buzzati Traverso
Oct. 16, 1906
Jan. 28, 1972

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Dino Buzzati-Traverso (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdiːno butˈtsaːti]; 14 October 1906 – 28 January 1972) was an Italian novelist, short story writer, painter and poet, as well as a journalist for Corriere della Sera. His worldwide fame is mostly due to his novel The Tartar Steppe, although he is also known for his well-received collections of short stories.

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