Hardcover, 641 pages

Spanish language

Published Feb. 5, 2009 by Mondadori.

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Saleem Sinai, the narrator of Midnight's Children, opens the novel by explaining that he was born on midnight, August 15, 1947, at the exact moment India gained its independence from British rule. Now nearing his thirty-first birthday, Saleem believes that his body is beginning to crack and fall apart. Fearing that his death is imminent, he grows anxious to tell his life story. Padma, his loyal and loving companion, serves as his patient, often skeptical audience.

E sta es la historia de Saleem Sinai, nacido en Bombay al filo de la medianoche del 15 de agosto de 1947, en el momento mismo en que la India, entre fuegos artificiales y multitudes, alcanza su independencia. El destino de Saleem queda inexorablemente unido al de su pai s, y sus peripecias personales reflejara n siempre la evolucio n poli tica de la India o sera n reflejadas por ella. Es la historia …

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