Maigret and the spinster

Hardcover, 164 pages

English language

Published Nov. 9, 1977 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

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For six months Cécile had been pestering Chief Superintendent Maigret, pitching camp in the waiting room, endlessly patient, to report to him that the furniture in the apartment she shared with her aunt had mysteriously shifted position during the night. So much trouble for so self-effacing a woman to create! Clearly she was a spinster, and this was just the sort of fanciful notion spinsters cling to, to plague chief superintendents who have full case rosters. His colleagues teased him about his "girlfriend"; her unassuming stubbornness got on his nerves; her very lack of any style or attraction was an offense. It was understandable that he should put off seeing her as long as possible on one of the busiest days of his career....

It was an oversight he came to regret....

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  • Maigret, Jules (Fictitious character) -- Fiction.
  • Police -- France -- Paris -- Fiction.