Friedhof für Verrückte.

Paperback, 454 pages

German language

Published Sept. 1, 1994 by Diogenes Verlag.

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5 stars (1 review)

Strange for me with a Ray Bradbury novel in that I found this a slow burn, it took a bit of reading to get into it. Thankfully for me I persevered with it, its Ray Bradbury after all, he's my favourite author for a good reason, a phenomenal imagination. Drawing me into the milieu inhabited by the characters and gripped by the page turner storyline to the very end. I can't abide 'Reviews" that give a blow by blow account such that there's no point in reading the book. So I won't bother with that, instead I suggest reading it, experience every nuance for yourself. This is a detective story murder mystery set in Hollywood.

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