What You See is What You Get

My Autobiography

Paperback, 610 pages

inglese language

Published by Pan Books; Unabridged edition.

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Born in 1947 and brought up on a council estate, as a kid Alan Sugar watched his dad struggle to support the family, never knowing from one week to the next if he'd have a job. It had a huge impact on him, fueling a drive to succeed that was to earn him a sizeable personal fortune. Here he describes his amazing journey, from schoolboy enterprises like making and selling his own ginger beer to setting up his own company at 19; from Amstrad's groundbreaking ventures in hi-fi and computers, which made him the darling of the stock exchange, to the dark days when he nearly lost it all; from his pioneering deal with Rupert Murdoch to his boardroom battles at Tottenham Hotspur FC. He takes us into the world of The Apprentice—including how he is responsible for Piers Morgan winning the U.S version—and describes his appointment as advisor to …

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